I tell you what I’ve noticed, different thoughts have different levels of power. Power to raise you up power to bring you down.

As much as thoughts have no real depth in the physical world they have a great deal of size and weight in the mental world.

You see everything comes to us as a thought. Try and think of something that doesn’t 🙂

You see our day to day life is almost totally controlled by the thoughts we have. Sometimes our thoughts manifest in the real world. I’ll give you an example: try thinking about all the reasons why the world is out to get you. Things like big business never giving you an opportunity to make it for yourself, the government stealing all your money for taxes. Your boss never being grateful for the work you do. Your romantic partner never appreciating all the effort you put in. Or more mundane things like why is everything so much more expensive these days, why is there never anything good on tv. Why is this wifi so incredibly slow.

When you get into those sort of thought patterns it is so very easy to spiral further and further down ever onwards gradually drawing closer and closer to despair.

You see each thought within your mind has a certain level of gravity to it. It attracts to it similar thoughts making the weight of the first thought that little bit heavier and that little bit more magnetic to the next thought. On and on the weight of the thought goes getting bigger and bigger as it attaches the next thought to it. In the form of negatives this might over time look like this… Indifference to meh to grumpy to annoyed to angry to depressed to despair.

They don’t generally happen quickly they sneak up on you like some sort of mind directed stealth ninja. And because these thoughts come gradually we never tend to notice the itty bitty changes that are taking place.

Maybe it gets so bad that the next thought after despair leads you to the thought that there is no hope and it is better to end it all. Literally in that situation your next thought could kill you.

See what I mean when I say thoughts have weight and power.

So what do we do when we are starting to spiral well the logical thing would be to think of the happiest thing possible the most wonderful thing in the universe. Well, you know what from the depths of despair that may not be possible, but I’ll tell you what is possible is to choose the next best thought.

From where you are if you ask yourself what could make my day just that tiny bit better? Who knows you may find an answer that could literally save your life. Maybe your journey starts with the thought hey maybe i will just take a couple of deep breaths. Nothing ground breaking.

Maybe your next thought is that you say to yourself maybe i should just get up and take a stretch. Then we continue upwards with our thoughts. i know that water is good for me maybe i will have a nice cold glass. maybe i should go for a walk that always clears my head. Maybe i could go to the park I am always feel better when i look at nature. On and on we go up and up our thoughts go starting to develop a gravity all of their own.

Then as we get back to neutral we start looking for happy thoughts. What is good in my life right now. who are the people I care about. What are the things I’m looking forward to doing. on and on up and up we go. Then we get to the 600lbs gorilla thoughts like what am I grateful for.

For years I made the mistake of intellectualising the idea of using gratitude thoughts (no pun intended). You should heed these words and avoid that mistake. Gratitude thoughts have more gravity to them than any other thoughts with the exception of maybe love. They have power to make radical changes in your psyche and in your life.

They are like rocket fuel to our psyche and we should reach for them as often as we can. At any point in the day be grateful for something anything. Currently I’m grateful to Apple for building a laptop for me to write these words on. I am grateful to Evernote for keeping these words safe. I’m grateful to everyone involved in getting me my coffee to me as I write this (from the farmers, the roasters, the transporters, the exchange, the grinders the packagers to the lovely barista who served it to me etc).

There are not too many things in the world in which we get to claim absolute control of. Our thoughts are one of those things. On a side note you may think other people can affect your mood this is a mistake in thinking that many people make. I may cover this in another article. For now I will leave you with one parting thought and it is this. So wherever you are whatever you are doing reach for the next best thought (it could save your life.)