If you are like most people then the game of life is unwinable. Harsh but True. It’s the Kobayashi Maru.If you are unfamiliar with the Kobayashi Maru well it’s an idea from the StarTrek universe. For the non Sci-fi folk bear with me as the idea is more important than where the idea arrives from.
Ok so the Kobayashi Maru is an unwinable simulation taught to all would be star ship captains. In brief it works like this there is a ship. The aforementioned Kobayashi Maru. It is in enemy space and has broken down. If you leave it there all the crew will die. If you try and rescue it you will die. Unwinable!
However, one captain… James T Kirk found a way to beat it. I will tell you how a little later.

For now that’s where we are at, the game of life = Unwinable.

I know, I know some people clearly are winning the game of life! They have fame, fortune and glory!

But for most people they as Theroux quoted live lives of quiet desperation and go to their grave with their song still in them.

So why does this happen. Well I have a few theories but the main one is that they take bad advice from well meaning people. People like friends, family, teachers and colleagues.

So what sort of advice keeps you trapped in an unwinable game.

Work hard in school/University and then get a good job.

It is better to have someone than be alone.

Starting your own business is risky.

Get a job first and you can do what you love later.

Your own home is an asset.

Think about this how many people do you know who take this advice?

Now ask how many of them are happy and are winning the game of life?

Let me just drive this home. How many out of 100 put a number on it.

People hate their jobs, stuck in a rut, hate their boss. Hate there partner/spouse, getting divorced. No money, living pay check to paycheck, in debt, massive mortgage hanging over their heads. Looking forward to that two weeks a year when they get to go on a second rate holiday and thinking that it is the bees knees.

So how many out of the 100?

It’s not pretty is it!

So how do we win the Kobayashi Maru?

Well we do what Captain Kirk did we cheat!

We break the conventional rules and make our own.

Kirk reprogrammed the simulation in order to win!

We are going to do the same with the game of life. We will do this in a systematic way.

We have a three step plan…

First,  we are going to learn the rules of the game.

Second, we are going to play better than the rules.

Third, we will make our own rules.


This is where TheSnowHow comes in. We will look to show you just how the game is played. Then show you how to build your skill to beat the game. Then make your own game a game you can win. This will come though observations of what it really take to win the game of life in all its different areas. Things like health, wealth, business, freedom, psychology, success and real happiness.

We will upgrade your thinking, your knowledge, your performance and your understanding of what it takes to be able to take your life by the scruff of the neck and lift yourself out of the game that other people want to force upon you and go on to be able to win your game.

If that sounds like something that appeals to you then keep reading. You are just about to swallow the “Red Pill” and see how deep the rabbit hole goes!

More importantly it should allow you to live long and prosper!