The fact of the matter is based on our best evidence we only get one life. (Reincarnation and those who believe it aside.) Let me say that again. WE ONLY GET ONE LIFE!

Really there are no second chances or do overs. This is all we get. If you understand the magnitude of that it’s bloody scary.

How many days/weeks do you think you get? 100,000, a million more?

On average we get about 28,000 days or 4250 weeks. If you’ve reached your 20’s you’ve already blown through 7,300 of them (1040 weeks) see what I mean scary.

With time in so limited supply we should treat it like gold, we really should, but we don’t!

Many of us treat time like we have an unlimited supply and the fact is we definitely don’t.

Look we all drift from time to time. Time just seems to get away from us. That’s fine if it is a for a day, a week or maybe for one month no biggy. Any more than that and you are starting to get in real trouble.

You see we as human being are really good at delaying and deferring our life. We never quite get around to doing the things that we want and we often defer our life for a later date when this or that might happen.

We make no plans, set no goals we just flow on the directionless tide of life. Days and weeks go by, then months, then years and then we look back and think to ourselves where the hell did that decade go?

Worse as you get older time seems to speed up. As a child summers were endless. Now they go in the blink of an eye.

We look back and see nothing to show for the time that has been spent. Our memories are a blur of the mundane and everyday!

This just won’t do!

I recently spoke to a lady about her hopes and dreams for the future. She told me she was very ambitious, she had a plan. She had a job (she hated) but she was going to get a house, she was going to spend the next 25 years paying off the mortgage. Once that was done she was going to sell the house and go traveling around the world. She thought it was a good plan.

Can you imagine delaying your plans for 25 years? Deferring all of that joy and wonder for 25 years?

Maybe she will do it, and maybe she will have all the adventures she hopes for, and that all the hard work and toil will pay off. Or maybe by then she will be so jaded with life that the spirit of adventure will have left her.

There is a short story by Haruki Murakami it is called “ On seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning” you can find it by searching for it on google. In it two people find a person who is perfect for each other. They realise this but decide to test fate and say, “well if we are meant for each other we will meet each other again” so they don’t exchange details. In time they both lose their memory of the other and by the time they meet again they are too jaded to recognise each other. (Go find and read the story, tis beautiful and much better than I have written here.)

That’s what happens in life if you put it off for too long. The spark of adventure that was given to all of us that could be a raging wild fire, well without fuel it goes out. When we put off our hopes and dreams, when we don’t plan our life to be one of adventure and glory we allow our spark to fizzle out.

How does your plan look? What are your goals? Or are you just waiting for life to happen to you by accident. Hoping that wonder will fall in your lap?

Don’t defer life or life will let you! Go and claim your own glory!