The world is out to get you make no mistake! There is a mugger around every corner, someone ready to rob you, rape you or murder you! Your neighbour is probably a serial killer, pedophile or criminal mastermind. Every person who does not look like you is probably a religious fundamentalist terrorist, with sarin gas, anthrax, dirty bombs or weapons of mass destruction hidden in their back pack.

It’s true it really is! Well it is if you believe the world that the media portray. That world is fucking scary. Worse than any horror film or futuristic dystopia. In their world everyone and I mean everyone is out to get you. That friend you have always had doubts about don’t trust that motherfucker he is likely to be planning something very nasty for you!

Hey and if it is not the people, then it is some sort of disease! Right now as I write this I can tell you just exactly what is going to kill me according to the news! What I hear you ask is this horrendous thing? Well I will tell you! Are you ready for this? It’s EBOLA!!!! There I said it. oh my god Ebola is going to get me I should not write the word ebola too many times I may be chancing fate after all that shit is deadly.

In fact it is so deadly i’m probably going to die from it before I finish this article! I better type as fast as I can.

The thing is Ebola is serious it does kill people but unless you are a medical worker in Africa, you are really unlikely to catch let alone die from Ebola. As of writing 13 americans have contracted the disease.

1 died from failing to receive proper treatment. The other people are up on their feet and back on the street. They were all in some way involved in the providing of medical care.

Thus far here in the UK precisely none not one nada zip zilch have died of the disease.

So why the furore. Well fear sells stuff! News people like diseases great for a panic.

Most media organisations rely on advertising as their main source of revenue. Advertisers know that if people are unhappy they buy stuff. The more unhappy/worried they are the more stuff they buy. Advertisers want people to be unhappy so they go to where people are the most worried and most unhappy and put there adverts there. Bad news = More Sales. It is a simple equation.

I get it this sounds like a bit of a conspiracy theory doesn’t it. So don’t take my word for it (never do) go look it up.

See I told you.

Unhappiness/advertising costs you money lots and lots of money added up over a lifetime it is a fortune, because to quote Tyler Durden from fight club “advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.”

Still don’t believe me well in my life alone there have been a number of things that were going to kill me that failed to. I can remember when HIV/Aids was going to kill 1 in 4 people! No joke that was the story going around.

Hmm what else? I know the Flu’s… Avian and Swine remember them? They were touted as the next big Pandemic. Hey after all Spanish Flu killed 50-100 million from 1918-1920. So maybe it could! As long as you forget how quickly medicine and effective medical care is available to people from the latter half of the 20th century onwards. Not to mention medical/scientific advances in understanding the disease and how it spreads. Oh and back then they didn’t have the world health organisation and the center for disease control.

Hmm what else well there was the potential for another outbreak of small pocks (never happened)

CJD/Mad cows disease well that got a few people in the UK over a hundred in the last 20 years. That said drowning kills 400+ people a year in the UK and we don’t hear the news telling us the dangers of water!

You get the point!

For a bit of fun just type the words “set to kill millions/thousands/tens of thousands” or derivatives thereof into google see how many of the set to kill millions etc actually came true.

I will tell you what is a killer of people and makes people miserable and unhappy… Stress!

That shit will kill you son! That’s no lie.

What is the number one causer of stress? I have no real idea but I would bet “The News” is up there on the list.

So turn that horrendous lie filled filth off. It could save your life.

Here’s to a news/stress free life!



NOTE: I wrote this article about 3 weeks ago at the start of the ebola crisis. Already we barely hear about it anymore. Surprise Surprise!!