I don’t know if you have ever tried to get a mentor but often it is so much harder than most people will tell you.

Especially if you want a world class mentor. Those guys are near impossible to get to.

So what’s a guy to do if he really wants to get a world class mentor?

Imagine you were in the tech space what would it be like to have say Mark Zuckerberg or if he was still alive maybe Steve Jobs as your mentor? If you were into business how good would it be to have someone like Richard Branson or Donald Trump giving you advice? Or say you were into personal development and peak performance imagine you had Anthony Robbins in your corner.

Do you think that would make a difference in your life? I guess you would say “you bet your ass it would”.

So what are your chances of getting these guys to mentor you anytime soon? Practically a big fat ZERO!!!

Hey you could try begging and pleading, you could go one step further by trying to be useful to them. By offering yourself and your services in free of charge in exchange of being in their orbit. Still seems unlikely. Hey maybe we can up our game a little maybe we can come up with 10-50 good ideas about how to improve their world. Hey that might help. Maybe it is worth a try… You never know!

For the most of us this is a hiding to nothing, and you stand about as much chance of getting them as a mentor as landing on the moon.

So what is plan B?

Well, I have a rather weird alternative! Oh and a warning this is not for the faint of heart and does require some serious effort! That said the payoff can be nothing short of incredible.

So let’s begin…

I have mentioned in another article that in the classic book “Think and Grow Rich” the singly greatest idea in there is completely overlooked by the majority of readers. It is called the “Internal Mastermind”

So what is an internal mastermind? Well, for those of you who for a start don’t know what a Mastermind group is, it is basically a collection of people who get together to come up with ideas for a common pursuit of purpose. i.e business people getting together to exchange ideas on ways to improve their respective companies.

The internal mastermind group is exactly the same it is just imagined in your head.

Did I lose your there? Did I?

Please bear with me and I might just give you something that can radically alter your life.

Why do you want a mentor? Because you believe they will bestow upon you ideas and information that will help you improve your lot in life. Agreed? Good!

You can’t get to the good ones in the physical world but you can get to them in the mental world!

Let me explain how I went about doing this.

First I built with an imaginary boardroom in my head (I could tell you that it is wood panelled and sumptuously furnished but that is unimportant!) It has a large table with 5 chairs on either side, a large seat for me at the head of the table and two guest chairs at the end.

Each chair is filled with people who have skills, knowledge or characteristics that I admire.

How do you find out who has characteristic that you admire? Well, look to the place you want to get to in life and ask yourself “who is already in that place?” Or alternatively ask what characteristics do I think I am going to need in order to get to where I want to go?

Next decide who best fills that role?
And here is the tricky part find out all you can about that person. Read their biography if they have one. Read articles about them. Watch videos of them on YouTube. Saturate yourself in your knowledge of them. So much so that you can get a really good mental impression of them.

Then sit them in a chair. You can do this with one or many it does not matter what your preference is.

But this is the good part. You get to ask them questions! This is the really, really good part. They will answer you back!!!! This is the most extraordinary part if you do this often enough they will give you answers that you will genuinely believe did not come from yourself. Yep read that again. I know you know that it is just you and your imagination, but believe me these characters take on a life of their own and genuinely give you insights that you will think, “Where the hell did that come from?”

Why this happens I have no idea! Maybe it just allows you to get out of the way of yourself and allows your subconscious to work through you, that’s my best guess but like i say I have no real idea. Either way, the results can be wondrous.

To give you some ideas as to who you should put in your board room I will tell you about some of the people I have put in my chairs over the years (you will start to swap out people over the years as you will feel that you have acquired the skill you brought that person in to gain, or that you find a more useful person to provide that skill.

Richard Branson (business acumen)
Sir James Goldsmith (Passion/business acumen)
Anthony Robbins (Motivation)
Leonardo Da Vinci (creativity)
Don Vito Corleone (Leadership)
Keyser Soze (force of will)
Paul Atreides (seeing the future)
Edward De Bono (lateral thinking/problem solving)

You will notice that the list contains some fictional characters. This is allowed as they were the best representation of skills that I could come up with.

As I also mentioned if there was a specific problems that were not being able to solved by the fixed members of my board then I would bring in guest members to ask them questions.

Anyhow by now you might think that this makes me schizophrenic but I assure you, I never once forgot that this was just taking place in my head. All I am stating is that when I go there I often get extraordinary help if and when I need it.

It can be a remarkable tool if you use it I suggest you do.

Oh, one final thing for some of you who want a soft intro into the power of this technique i suggest this.

Whenever you have a problem ask yourself the question “What do I think X would do in this situation?” You might find yourself getting a better answer. If you do maybe you will decide to up your game and take it to the next level by trying the boardroom.