I always dream of changing the world for the better. I really do. Long gone are my plans for Bond Villain type world domination. Now it is all about making the world a little bit better with each step I take on my path.

So how do we change the world? Do we dream big dreams? That is what most people tell you, have grand plans. For many people that is absolutely right. Dream the big dream, fight the big fight.

Many people are succeeding with this (Just go take a look at what the Gates Foundation is doing.)

The thing is, for most of us it is hard to change anything other than our small corner of the world.

So why not start with that! What can you do to make the world a tiny bit better?

Well you can be a tiny bit generous for one! Generous with your time, generous with your energy for others, generous with your smile. Care that tiny bit more for your fellow traveler on the human path.

Smiling is easy, give away at least five to ten smiles away. To whoever you want, friends, family or to an absolute stranger. The better you get at giving them the more you will get back (and who does not love a returned smile?).

Ok now that we are warmed up to the idea of giving I want to address the “Elephant In The Room” Money.

Is this the point where I tell you to give to charity and help those who are less fortunate than yourself?


(You can do it if you want, let your conscience be your guide.)

Let me explain what I do in the form of a story, but before I do just so as you know while writing this  I just got a smile returned (winning).

I was recently with a gathering of friends and I was telling my mate Benji about my condom pocket (you know the little pocket in a pair of jeans just above the right pocket at the front. Yep that is what that is for). In it I put every 50 pence piece I receive in the form of change.

You never get that many of them maybe a couple a week. So it does not really weigh you down 🙂

I keep them there for a very important reason. I keep them there to be easily reachable for when I want to give them away.

I give them to buskers and other street performers. I give them to people carrying around charity buckets. I give them to people selling the big issue (charity magazine). Finally, I give to people who are homeless or begging on the street.

I used to be really judgmental of the latter thinking thoughts like “why don’t they get a job”  or ideas to that effect. Then I realized that I don’t know them or their story, so why judge?

The point of the matter is 50p is such a meaningless amount of money for most of us. So why not give it away? It is far more valuable to those who you are giving it to than yourself! For many of them it is meaningful.

I’ll tell you why I use 50p, and not say 20p or a £1 coin. Giving 20p makes you feel cheap. You can look someone in the eye when you give them 50p and not feel embarrassed. You get too many £1 coins so it could become really costly if that was your coin of choice. You don’t get that many 50p pieces. Around a table of 8 we had 3 of them. So you are not going to break the bank.

So 50p is a perfect coin for this idea. So save yours and give them away. Just imagine a world in which we all did this how many peoples lives would be helped.

There is a payoff to all this. There is no such thing as a one-sided transaction. Remember Newton’s Third Law “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” well in the case of giving it is more like “Sow and Reap”. With your smiles, with your time and yes with your money. The more you give the more you will get back in happiness, in quality of life and of course money.

In each of these actions we always make a positive return. There is a compounding effect in all the good things that we do. If we are abundant in our mind and our actions we will reap abundance in return.

So that which we want we should give first. It does not have to be big at first. Think tiny gifts to start and eventually as time moves on your gifts will get bigger both from the giving and receiving side.

So start giving tiny gifts today and start changing the world.


P.s. If you think that his idea might be helpful, please feel to share it with your friends in any way you like. There are buttons to make it easy somewhere on this page.