Time it’s in short supply. No one gets more than the next person on a day to day basis. 24 hours each! Some get more over time, some get less, after all we all die at some stage. (Well, maybe not me I’m probably going to live forever.)

So the currency of life is time!

Time is precious yet we spend it like it is in limitless supply. We think that it will never end, but inevitably for all of us it will. The thing is, how we spend this currency is directly proportionate to the quality of our lives. We become the sum of accumulated memories over time.

So how are you spending your time? Is it to build lasting memories ones that are magnificent and defining, or are you building a bank of mundane unimportant memories, most of which are forgettable (pun).

How about this as a measure of success (I have a few, but I like the simplicity of this one) the person who get’s to the end of their life with the best stories/memories wins!!!

So in those terms the systematic accumulation of great stories means that you will improve the quality of your life.

OK with that idea in mind, we can start to think about how we go about spending our time to accumulate good stories.

There are some areas of life, that if you spend your time there, then that can help with the acquisition of great memories.

I have ten areas that I focus on, that I make time for every week. I write down each area and figure out what I am going to do to make sure I pay my time currency into that account.  For you the areas may be different, but I suggest you make a list and if you want hey just copy mine until you figure your own out.

I make time each week to make sure that area of my life has some input in it. This I feel lifts me as a person. I think sometimes we concentrate on one area of life to the detriment of others. Sometimes when we lift the whole at the same time, we can make radical advances in the quality of our life and the quality of our memories.

Ok here are my ten areas and why I think they are important.
1. Art/Beauty: The world is an amazing place full of so many beautiful sights to see. From mother nature to man made wonder. Every day we get bombarded with negativity from all sorts of sources, from people we know to the media. So isn’t it obvious that we should counter that with balancing our life with some beauty? At least once a week you should saturate yourself with beauty. Spend some time looking at great art in a gallery/museum. If you don’t have that option go to a book store or search the web for great art. Get out in mother nature away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Go find something green or look at water and just breath it in. After all in life who really wants to experience ugly?

2. Relationships: As the quote says no man is an island, we each are affected by the people we surround ourselves with. The thing with relationships is that we should rate them by their quality, but we really don’t we just let one relationship take equal standing as the next. If you are going to spend your time with people make sure that they are the people who provide you with nurture, love, fun and growth. Your whole purpose with relationships is to build great ones and limit your time on the mediocre ones.  (I will at some stage fill this idea out a bit more in a later post.)

3. Fun: Isn’t that the point of it all! I know some people live for the weekend, and some people are so tired by the weekend all they want to do is relax. That said, if you are not making time to do one really fun thing each week then crikey make that change. Figure out what is fun for you and diary that in. The point of life is to enjoy it. So make time for fun.

4. Health: Your body is the engine of your life. It should be capable of taking you through the journey of your life with little in the way of adversity. It is meant to be pain free and in good shape. So think of it like the engine of a Ferrari. It should be carefully maintained and only given the best fuel. If yours doesn’t work well start taking steps to get yourself in some sort of optimum health. This is one of the easiest areas to let slide in your life. Sometimes it can happen from bad treatment of yourself, or sometimes too much good living. Like in all things there should be balance and care taken. Build a body that will last you for the journey.
5. Home: I try and do one thing each and every week to make my home an environment that nurtures me and allows me to have more tranquility in my life. I can put my hand up though and state I am by my nature laid back when it comes to tidiness and I could do better that is why once a week, I try and up my game a little bit. We can all learn to be a bit better when it comes to creating the ideal environment to live in. Think of it as your own fortress of solitude. (excuse the superman reference.)

6. Income:  Money is not the be all and end all of life, it really isn’t but it does help fund some of the great things in life. I have talked more about the accumulation of this in other articles and books so for now you should look for ways to grow and maintain this “awesome memory fuel”.

7. Love: In all its forms is what we are looking to give and experience. Much has been written about love and I have very little to add to the subject. Maybe just that love is an act not just a feeling.

8. Thought:  Our mind like our health needs nurturing we have to give it time to rest and de-clutter. If you don’t take some time out each week (preferably each day) to give your mind some time to relax then you should. For me it is meditation and mindfulness. For you it may be something else. Give it a try it could change your whole world.

9. Study: In the 21st century virtually all the knowledge of the universe is available to us on tap. Every great discovery or idea has been presented to us in some form or another. It is there for us to learn from and improve ourselves. If you are not reading one great book a month you are going to fall behind. I would suggest at least one a week. If you want to get ahead. Make time for reading or its equivalent each week.

10. Travel: This is and can be the greatest source of lasting experiences and memories. There is so much to see and do in the world and for many/most of us the whole world has become available to us at the cost of a plane ticket. (There are not too many places you can’t get to these days for less than one months wages). We should always be thinking where we want to see next. That said it doesn’t have to be foreign travel. It could be visiting a new town in your country. It could be using a method of travel that you wouldn’t normally take. A bike ride, a boat trip, a train journey or maybe something really adventurous like paragliding, gliding or skydiving. Go have some sort of travel adventure.

OK so there are my ten. Maybe they could be yours also. If not go figure out what your areas are and spend time doing something each week in those areas.

Start making deposits of time in your ten most important areas and start to build your memory bank.

Like I say the person with the best memories wins!

Until next time…