If you have ever wanted to be the most interesting person in the room, then read on…

Being interesting, It’s not easy! It takes some skill.

Today, each person will have thousands of distractions that will vie for their attention. That sucks if you are looking to be an important part of someones life.

Think of the things you are competing with if you are looking to gain someones attention.

In no particular order, other people, their chosen mobile device (and all of the apps on it, news, sport, social media, games etc) TV, radio, newspapers, books etc. Not to mention their own mind and the problems that they are having to deal with. Things like work, finances, relationships (friends/family, romantic etc) and all the other day to day worries and woes that we each face.

So in order to break through all of that noise we have to offer something that can rise above the rest of what life is throwing at that person.

We have to be a shining beacon of light, the proverbial water in their desert of life.

So that sounds like a tough ask when you put it that way doesn’t it!

Well, I can see why you would think so.

But fear not there is a secret!

First we have to figure out what is the single most interesting subject to each person?

Yep I know that sounds like you would have to be Sherlock Homes or some type of cold reading expert to figure that out in advance, but no that is not true there is a universal subject that each and every one of us is interested in. In fact it is the single most important subject to each of us.

Can you guess what it is yet?

Well, I will get back to you on that in a little while. Before I do that I want to tell you a story I first heard from legendary marketer Jay Abraham.

As the story goes Jay was once over in Australia on a business trip and before he headed to bed he headed to the bar for a nightcap. What he had to drink is unimportant to this story, but what happened next is incredibly educational.

At the bar was another man. Let’s call him Dave. Jay being a friendly guy, introduces himself to Dave saying words to the effect “Hi my name is Jay I’m in town on business, pleased to meet you. Dave says “hi my name is dave”. Jay then asks so Dave what is it that you do?

Dave replies “I sell population control programs!”

Fascinated by this Jay begins to ask dave a series of questions about that.

To whom do you sell them?
What is the average price?
Is there much competition in that marketplace?
How do you persuade people/governments to buy your product and not your competitors?
What are the problems of implementing the programs?
What are the ethics of such a program?

On and on Jay asked astute questions all about Dave and his business.

After about 45 mins Jay has finished his drink and is not feeling a bit jet lagged and tired. Says to Dave “Hey i’m a bit tired now and going to head of to bed, it was really nice meeting you.”

What is interesting about this story is what Dave said next…

So just as Jay is leaving Dave stops him and says this “Jay in all my years of travel you are without doubt the singly most interesting man that I have ever met!”

So if you are smart you will say but hold on a second, Jay only told him two things about himself.

1. His name is Jay
2. He was in town on business.

Yet Dave clearly stated that he thought him the most interesting of all the people he has ever met!

Why is that?

Well, lets go back to our earlier question what is the single subject that is most important to all of us?

The answer is simple… It is OURSELVES!

We are the most interesting subject to ourselves.

The easiest way to to be the shining light to another person is to be genuinely interested in exactly who they are.

It doesn’t have to be about either. It can be all manner of things, their hopes and dreams, their problems and worries, their regrets, their current situation, their hobbies all manner of things that make them them.

Each and every person is a unique microcosm of complexity for you to discover.

If you take the time to find out you will find that you can become fascinated by the wonders of each and every persons unique situation.

The lesson we learn from Jay and his experience is this… In order to be INTERESTING we just have to be INTERESTED!

Don’t be boring telling people about you, there will be plenty of time for that as long as first you find out what makes this new person unique and special.

So go be Interested!