We have all been taught a lie. What is this lie i hear you ask. Well it is the lie of perfection.
We are told in every endeavor that we must seek perfection in whatever we do. Be the best we can be. Well as much as there is some truth in this the reality is that blocks many of us from getting going.

You see perfection is damn hard if not impossible to reach. We start an endeavor looking to make it the best possible thing/outcome.

Let’s take two examples. Starting a business and losing weight.

So lets look at starting a business… You come up with an idea. You believe it is a good idea. Lets say it is creating websites for builders (Hey maybe they need one, and after all they are not normally the most tech savvy folk, so there may be a gap). Ok so now we have an idea and a target market.

So what’s next well let’s see.

I’m going to need a website of my own to sell my services. (Hey they are going to need to see what i can do.)

Oh and I’m going to need some business cards.. That will make me look professional.

Oh and a logo. Can’t forget my logo after all branding is important.

Maybe I should get a brochure done.

Hmm well i will need to get some copy for both the website and the brochure.

Got to set up my social media so i need to create an account on Facebook, twitter, instagram, Linkedin and youtube.

Hmm what else well i should register my company (should have thought of that first.)

Oh and a good name for myself why didn’t i think of that in the first place.

Must brain storm the cleverest name that is both professional and quirky. (after all i need to be up to date with all things modern and cool.)

Actually going back to social media i should start getting followers and likes etc after all I don’t know want my customers to think that i have not been around for a while.

This is after all what we need to do to start a business after all right?

Well we will get back to that in a bit.

Now let’s look at weight loss.

Ok so so i need to lose some weight.

well what should i do?

Well I know I should change my diet and maybe do some exercise but which type should i do.

hmm i know i will search the web for weight loss see whats working at the moment.

Oooh lots of diets to chose must do some research into which is the best one.

So much to choose from Paleo looks popular and so does the slow carb diet. but hey i know things like the Atkins diet used to work but has sort of fallen out of favour. What about the low fat diets and the alkalizing diets? What about the Mediterranean diets and GI diets. Hmm all of these are going to need some looking into. After all I don’t want to do the wrong one.

Maybe i should look on amazon to see which books people are reading. Hey I could also what diets the celebrities are using after all they always look good. Ok pick my five favorite celebrities and find out what diet they are doing to stay in shape.

Speaking of staying in shape well yeh i need to do some exercise.

Hmm should what should i do well i could go jog. Well if I’m going to go jogging I should really do it properly so I’m going to need some new running shoes. oh and the right outfit after all i don’t want to look like a slob. Oh and i need to find out how far I’ve run so i will have to get a nike fuleband or some other gadget that tracks that. Oh and the appropriate app for my phone that way I can always know just how well I’m doing. Maybe I should also get an app to keep me accountable I know i procrastinate from time to time.

Then again is jogging the right thing for me after all there are other options.

I could join a gym but which type a normal one or a specific one (i hear a lot of people talking about cross fit.)

Or maybe i should buy some of them dvds from the infomercials but which one p90x looks good but then again so does Insanity and now there is that 25 minute one. ok I will watch the infomercials again.

Then again Yoga looks like it’s relaxing, good for you and fun. Should i do know there are different varieties maybe i should look into Bikram as hot yoga is meant to be great. Then again i heard about that DDP wrestler guy who has got some great videos on youtube.

Hmm will have to think about that to make sure that i do the right exercise for me.
You get the idea always seeking perfection always avoiding trying to make a mistake. After all you have to remember the 5 P’s (Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance).

This is all horseshit!

The reality is that it is far more important to get it going that get it perfect.

This is how this should really look.

Starting a website for builders business.

Pick up the phone book call 20 builders ask them why they have not got a website, ask them can they see the value of a website (if they can’t explain the value) ask if they want one if you can do it at a reasonable price.

If any say yes you have a business, If they don’t you have saved yourself countless hours, days, weeks and a ton of money.

Losing weight.


every time you feel hungry and are going to eat ask yourself what is the tastiest healthy thing I can eat right now? Eat that. Do that for one meal a day and build up from there until you reach 80% good choices for your meals.


Drop to the floor and do 1 press up. If you want to do more so be it. Add additional exercises as and when you feel like it. Do this at least 3 times a week maybe before you eat first thing.

Perfection is a barrier to action. Without action there is no progress.

So remove Perfection from the start of an endeavor and if you like aim for it at the end.

Don’t seek perfection in the beginning it will cripple you before you start.

Just start and see what happens.