Each and every one of us is constantly bombarded with the need to make decisions. Most of the times these decisions are trivial and every day things. What shall I have for lunch what color underwear shall i wear. Nothing important and very little bad can happen making these decisions.

The thing is from time to time we run up against some really big life choice type decisions that can really affect our future.

Should i stay in this job, should i go for that promotion. Is this person the right person for me (should i ask them to marry me). Should i buy or rent. What should i do with the rest of my life. Should i go to college of go get a job.

Should I travel the world or settle down. Should i buy a new car or keep the one i have for one more year. You get the idea.

There are loads of these life choices that we all eventually have to make.

Often though we don’t have a sound methodology in order to know if we are making the right decisions. This leaves us full of doubt and causes us to worry.

We are also given advice like go with your gut or follow your intuition. Seeming good advice but so few of us exercise our decision muscle that we are not sure if we should trust ourselves and our decisions.

Well i have a foolproof method that will allow you to always make the right decision for yourself in the big decision moments.

The first rule is stop.

Don’t make any long term/big decisions in a rash moment.

With the big decisions give yourself time. Minimum 1 minute. Preferably a great deal longer.

Second, find a quiet spot.

Step 3. Now this is the interesting part. You need to time trip in your head.

Go to a place in your future where you can imagine that your are perfectly happy and content and that your life has brought you everything that you ever wanted and you are full of joy.

(You should do this exercise anyway even if there is no decisions to make. After all we become our controlling thoughts.)

Once you have rustled up that feeling and you can either see the place or feel how that feels and it feels or looks real we can move on.

Step four, Now that you are in that place, bring to mind the decision that you are looking to make and ask yourself does the outcome of this decision bring me closer or further away from this place.

You will definitely get a strong leaning one way or the other. With practice you will virtually always get the right answer to your big decision.

More importantly you will always make the a decisions that you will be happy with so you won’t be second guessing yourself about having done the right thing. No stress, no worries and no regrets. Problem solved!