Don’t Change Yourself, Upgrade Yourself!

So from time to time we want to change a habit or adopt a new one. The thing is the process of change can be really hard, especially if you have to make a big change.

When we are trying to make a change there is so much to get in the way of us succeeding.

First […]

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Why Your Fantasies Can Make You Miserable!

When I was young I always wanted to be the richest man in Wales (I come from there! If you don’t know where that is, it is the country next to england look it up!)

In fact I should say that I was totally convinced that I would become said richest man.

Now that does not mean […]

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I Will Have My Vengeance! In This Life Or The Next!

Sorry, this article is all about being great has no relevance to the title. So I know that this sounds a bit like bait and switch but if you came here looking for vengeance then your shit out of luck. If you came to this looking for greatness then read on.

I want to be the […]

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Your next thought might save your life.

I tell you what I’ve noticed, different thoughts have different levels of power. Power to raise you up power to bring you down.

As much as thoughts have no real depth in the physical world they have a great deal of size and weight in the mental world.

You see everything comes to us as a thought. […]

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How To Meet New People Without Getting Told To F**K Off!

So it’s really hard to meet new people these days. Especially in person.

More and more are we relying on electronic devices to provide a digital solution to our human connection needs. And hey sometimes that is a good thing. I mean lets be fair Facebook has allowed me and everyone else to get back in […]

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You, Your Life And Winning The Kobayashi Maru!

If you are like most people then the game of life is unwinable. Harsh but True. It’s the Kobayashi Maru.If you are unfamiliar with the Kobayashi Maru well it’s an idea from the StarTrek universe. For the non Sci-fi folk bear with me as the idea is more important than where the idea arrives from.
Ok […]

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