This is the shortest article I will ever write, but maybe the most important.

You should question anyone who ever makes an unprovable statement, talks in absolutes, says things like “as we know” or says as X (let’s say Albert Einstein as an example) has shown us (deferring to a third party) or uses big words to make themselves sound knowledgeable.

Ask who are they, and in what way can they legitimately claim authority on this subject.

If they cannot offer a reasonable answer to this without using the above mentioned statements, run from them, as they are a giver of opinions at best, and a charlatan/conman at worst. So measure them by that standard!

Obviously if you follow this to it’s logical conclusion, you should take with a pinch of salt everything I say or write.

Trust only that, that is provable but keep an open mind as to why it might be wrong.

Until next time, think for yourself!