The Things You Need To Know About The Snow And His How!

There are many ways to describe the wondrous person that is Snowy, but none can completely sum up succinctly the degree of his greatness and the extent of his achievements. This edited down version of some of his minor achievements will give you a flavor of who he is and what he is all about.

Prophet, poet, philosopher, playboy (the last of the infamous international playboys no less), sage, seer, swashbuckler, esquire magazines best dressed man of 2001, winner of Olympic gold medal for fencing (foil men’s singles Sydney) Enlightened Sage and founding member of the golden order of the MKOTQR. Naked bum double for Brad Pitt, Grandmaster of Fish-Fu (deadliest of all sub-aqua martial arts), Antipope of all the arts dark, part time lion tamer/alligator wrestler and snake charmer. Friend and adviser to all the Royal houses of Europe, and business heads of the western world. Tantric Love master and champion pork swordsman, and considered by many to be The Gurus Guru and described by many as “The Man Of The Millennium” Unconfirmed Walter Mitty complex, with a penchant to exaggerate slightly. In fact one of the above statements is not true!!!!

Totally full of Snowlege (pronounced like Knowledge).

Unsubtle teacher of Guerrilla Ontology! So this means you get to start to think for yourself!