The Villain Is The Hero Of His Own Story!

It’s always someone else’s fault! No, it really is! It is definitely not your fault right?

My boss is an asshole and he does not pay me enough, my partner just does not get me, the world is unfair, the little guy does not stand a chance, the rich/banks/government stops me at every turn, in fact […]

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The Fastest Way To Rapid Knowledge Acquisition!

Back in ancient Egypt when they were mummifying a corpse one of the things that they did was remove all the vital organs from the body. All that is except the heart! Back then the Egyptians believed that the heart was the intelligence centre of a human being so they left it in. The human […]

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The Ultimate Mastermind Group!

I don’t know if you have ever tried to get a mentor but often it is so much harder than most people will tell you.

Especially if you want a world class mentor. Those guys are near impossible to get to.

So what’s a guy to do if he really wants to get a world class mentor?

Imagine […]

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This News Could Cost You Money, Maybe Even Kill You!

The world is out to get you make no mistake! There is a mugger around every corner, someone ready to rob you, rape you or murder you! Your neighbour is probably a serial killer, pedophile or criminal mastermind. Every person who does not look like you is probably a religious fundamentalist terrorist, with sarin gas, […]

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Beware False Prophets!

This is the shortest article I will ever write, but maybe the most important.

You should question anyone who ever makes an unprovable statement, talks in absolutes, says things like “as we know” or says as X (let’s say Albert Einstein as an example) has shown us (deferring to a third party) or uses big words […]

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